• Cynthia Prieto

Why Aren't You Using Digital Business Cards?

Contactless business cards so you never have to touch a moist wallet card again.

Even without a pandemic environment, no one wants to grab a business card that has been sitting in someone's wallet for months. Yuck... Thank God for Blinq!

I stumbled upon Blinq after forgetting my business cards one too many times for meetings. Then add a pandemic on top of it, and it was a no brainer. My business card is always on me. I don't have to pay for new cards if any of my information changes. It's environmentally friendly. It's COVID friendly. And it's just cool! The number one reason I loved Blinq was because of the widget that I can put on my iPhone.

Blinq has a mobile app for Android and iPhones and an integration for your Apple Watch too. Your digital business card can be shared with anyone even if they don't have the app. It's so simple to set up. You can customize colors, add your photo or logo, and even include notes for the person scanning your card.

When you receive a card, Blinq automatically logs when and where you met the new contact. You can also add notes to cards to record important details from your meeting. When you share your e-business card, your new contact can share their contact information right back with you. They don't need Blinq installed to receive your card or share their info!

How It Works

  1. Download the Blinq app.

  2. Follow the simple onboarding instructions to create your card.

  3. Share your card by scanning your unique QR code, via text, email, smartphone widget or our Apple Watch integration!

That's it. Super simple and easy. Blinq has a plan for everyone. Their free plan is great if you're a solopreneur. If you need digital cards for your entire company, they have a super affordable business plan.

If you're ready to - - no, scratch that. Try Blinq. Get your digital business card set up now!

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