What You Need to Create a Website

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Every small business needs a website. I repeat - every small business needs a website. And while hiring an agency or a developer may not be in the budget, you can create a website on your own and it won't look like you DIYed it.

create a website

Here are the top 4 reasons all small businesses need a website:

  1. It provides Social Proof. Social proof is when a consumer will trust the opinion of an online review of a business. When people are uncertain, they'll most likely look to others for behavioral guidance. A website provides proof and legitimacy for your business.

  2. Google. Need I say more? Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy helps your website appear higher in search results and increases your website traffic. Consumers use the internet like the YellowPages (remember those?). If you are not coming up in their search, someone else is.

  3. A website is always open. Consumers are searching for new products and services online 24/7/365. And while it may feel like it sometimes, your business is not open 24/7/365. A website gives you the opportunity to always be there for your customers and gives potential customers the option to learn about your business now - not when you open in 12 hours.

  4. Data, data, data. Your website gives you a crazy amount of information about the people visiting. Demographics, the amount of time spent on your website, what webpages they're navigating to, where they found your website (Google, social media, etc), and more! Google Analytics is free and super valuable as you're planning advertising and marketing for your business.

So now that you're convinced, it's time to start creating! You need two things to start - a domain and a host.

There are several website building tools you can choose from, but my favorite is Wix has a very user-friendly interface, is affordable, offers tons of beautiful customizable templates, free stock photos and videos, is easy to make updates, automatically adapts your site to be mobile-friendly, and provides great SEO optimization options. If that isn't enough, the cherry on top - Wix runs 50% off plan promotions frequently!

Your website URL or domain name is one of the most important elements of your website. You want your URL to be simple and memorable. Be careful with abbreviations or really long web addresses. We all want to be creative and fun with our domain names, but there is a fine line to be mindful of.

Use NameCheap to research available domains. NameCheap is the most affordable option I have found to purchase a domain. Transferring your NameCheap domain to Wix is super simple and easy. I did it on my own just following Wix instructions. Wix gives you real step by step instructions.

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • 80% of your website visitors will be visiting from a mobile device.

  • When creating your website, go for function over beauty.

  • Include a call-to-action on each page so your visitor knows what to do next.

  • Name your files in a way that Google can read them. If you want to upload your own logo or photo named 065711.jpg, Google doesn't know what is in that photo.

You'll be off to a great start with these tools! If you are interested in more web design advice, or want to talk about outsourcing your website creation, book a free discovery call with me!

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