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Stress-Free Content Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail...or however that saying goes. And when it comes to showing up consistently on social media, I completely find it to be true!

While you may hear other social media managers encourage posting every single day, I like to encourage posting consistently. If that means 3 times a week, no problem. If that means 5 times a week, great! But whatever schedule you can realistically commit to, stick with it.

Once you have committed to a schedule, the next step would be to decide what kind of content you'll be posting - also known as creating your content pillars. Content pillars are a gamechanger. They make coming up with posts so simple and fast.

Next is getting these topics on paper (or on computer). A content calendar is the best way to keep track of your planning. Content calendars give a full view of your month so you can ensure you are adding enough variety, not including too much salesy content, and don't forget any holidays you may want to participate in. (Get a FREE 12-month template here.)

Your plan is in place, so let's batch. Batching your content means you take a set time or day to create it all. Make the time to create the graphic, write the captions, select your hashtags, etc. You will never again frantically thumb through your phone for a motivational quote to post on the fly because you forgot it was posting day.

Now the most satisfying part - prescheduling! Get this amazing content scheduled! There are several online social media scheduling tools you can use to schedule content. Hootsuite, Later, Sprout Social... Most have a free option and paid options. If you are only using Facebook and Instagram for your business's social media marketing, I recommend using Facebook's Business Suite. It is completely free. It offers post scheduling, carousel scheduling, story scheduling, and even hashtag research.

If you are using Pinterest to market your business (one of the most untapped resources!), I highly recommend investing in Tailwind. Tailwind made my Pinterest planning so flippin' easy! I can plan two weeks worth of pinning in 15 minutes. It's such an amazing tool. Pinterest drives so much traffic to my website and my blog.

Whew! Ok, you're done! Your content is on auto-pilot for the month. Now you can focus on your business. Good news - you don't have to come back to this blog post to remember all these steps. I did create a guide that you can download and have at your fingertips. My Planning Content Like a Pro guide gives you all of this information plus so much more. I go into much more detail and provide bonus tips throughout the entire process.

If you want to learn more about managing your social media, or if you would like to talk about outsourcing this service - book a free discovery call!

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