How to Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Using social media for your business shouldn't feel like a necessary evil. With some strategy and creativity it can actually be fun - and more importantly successful!

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Instagram has so many fun features, but without some strategy it can feel overwhelming. Here is some advice on how to utilize each Instagram feature to maximize your efforts.


Posts are a great way to encourage engagement and create your virtual community. Consistent posting with a purpose and goal is key. When your followers see they can rely on your account it builds trust. Trust creates loyal customers!


Use Carousels to share educational and informational content. Carousels will let you share more details while keeping it digestible and legible. The Instagram algorithm loves Carousels because it keeps the viewer on your post longer.


Stories can help you build trust and start conversations with your followers. Stories are a great tool to use to show your personality. Use the polls and questionnaires in the Story feature to interact with your followers and learn more about them.


The newest video streaming feature to show up on Instagram! Reels offer you a chance for discoverability and growth. Similar to TikTok, these short videos are a way for you to put out fun, creative content that entertains viewers. Reels are shared with accounts that may not follow you, but interact with and follow similar accounts. What better way to target your ideal customers? Let them find you.


Instagram allows you to share information in short, digestible pieces. But those pieces could be put together to create a Guide! If you are sharing tips & tricks, how-to's, or advice, you can combine those individual pieces of content into a Guide so viewers interested in that topic do not have to search through your feed.


I recommend using Lives to share exciting news. Whether that is a new product, new service, collaboration with another business, opening a new location - going Live is a fun way to create a buzz around the event. You can also save your Live stream videos to repurpose for other pieces of content.


Unlike Reels that are short videos, IGTV must be at least 60 seconds in length. IGTV is a unique way to create a series out of information. For example, if you are a car dealership you can create IGTV episodes about new models coming to the lot.

Don't let Instagram and social media marketing intimidate you. If you need help, book a free discovery call with me! Click here.

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