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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

The number of tools out there to manage social media is mindblowing! Some are a little pricey, where others are downright expensive! I am breaking down the tools I think you need to successfully manage your business's social media in the most cost-effective way.

So, let's break this down by platform.


The best tool I've found that meets functionality and affordability for Instagram is Facebook Business Suite. Facebook owns Instagram, so you can use Facebook tools to manage your Instagram. Facebook Business Suite is FREE and offers a lot of functionality.

  • Hashtag Research

  • Scheduling Posts

  • Scheduling Carousels

  • Scheduling Stories

  • Scheduling Videos

  • Location Tags


No surprise here, Facebook Business Suite. On Facebook you can use Business Suite to:

  • Schedule Posts

  • Schedule Multiple Images

  • Schedule Stories

  • Schedule Videos

  • Location Tags

  • Live Video

  • Feeling/Activity


This one is a bit tricky. Last year I would have said Hootsuite, hands down. But Hootsuite changed their free account last year really limiting what you can do in the free account. If you have time to schedule posts each week I would still recommend the free Hootsuite account. It allows you to schedule 5 posts at a time on up to 2 social media platforms.


I love, love, love Tailwind for Pinterest. Pinterest is an awesome way to drive traffic to your website, to your email list, to your e-commerce get it! Tailwind lets you pin a week's worth of content in under 30 minutes. It is amazing! You add an extension to your browser that allows you to take any blog post, photo, or social media post and schedule it as a pin.

  • Pin to multiple Boards

  • Pin at optimal times

  • Pin on multiple days

All this functionality lets you whip out content so quickly and easily.

And BONUS! If you need help with content creation, here is are some of my favorite stock photo and video sites:

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