Facebook Analytics are the WORST

If you are trying to track your business's Facebook performance, but you are confused by the charts, don't have the information you want to see, or want the information presented in a different way - you are not alone!

The truth is, it's not just Facebook. Social Media analytics are not very user-friendly. I was spending so much time trying to decode the performance of my social media accounts. I knew there had to be an easier way. I started doing my research. There were plenty of templates out there that had Excel charts and graphs, but I still had to manually enter the information. I didn't have the time to put these numbers into spreadsheets. That is when I came across DashThis.

DashThis is an online marketing tool that does your social media tracking for you. That's right - totally automated. DashThis is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and more. It tracks organic posting and paid ads. Seriously amazing.

My favorite feature of the DashThis reporting has to be the engagement ranking of your posts. You visually see what kinds of content are getting the most engagement - you see what your followers are liking. This is gold! Now you can plan your content so much more efficiently.

The integration is easy. You click on the platforms you want to connect, DashThis will ask you to log in and confirm, and you're all set! The Monthly Reports are downloadable as a PDF. And the reports are fully customizable. You can change how you want to see your performance - bar charts, line charts, number values, circle graphs. I am a visual person. Being able to see my performance in a format that I can quickly and easily understand saves me so much time!

DashThis has several different plan levels that you can choose from, with the lowest level plan starting at $33 per month. For me, the hours I saved swimming through analytics on multiple platforms is well worth the cost!

If you're interested in DashThis, you can try it free! If you are primarily using social media to market and promote your business, I suggest giving it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed!

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