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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

If you are trying to grow your business's Instagram in 2022 and you're not using Reels, we need to talk! Like, now. Reels has proven to be the #1 method of reaching new people and growing your followers organically.

Whether you like being in front of the camera, or still need to warm up to that idea, there are tons of ways you can participate in Reels and grow your Instagram.

Make sure you are taking these steps when you create your Reels:

  1. Use Trending Audio

  2. Use Trending Filters

  3. Be sure Your Reel is at least 15 Seconds Long

  4. Use Text Captions

  5. Create Your Reels in Instagram Whenever Possible

  6. Remove Watermarks from Other Apps

  7. Make sure Your Space is Well Lit

  8. Shoot in 4k

  9. Crop Your Profile Image

Using these tips will set your Reel up to get the most exposure and larger reach. So, now that we have those covered, what are you going to post? I have some easy ideas to help you get started, and hopefully get your creative juices flowing!

Not Comfortable in Front of the Camera?

Try these Reels ideas:

  • How It's Made Timelapse

  • Workspace Tour/Makeover

  • Before and After

  • Industry Expectation vs. Reality

  • Top 3 Tools/Apps You Love

  • Where We Started/Where We Are Now

  • Benefits of Your Product or Service

  • Solve a Problem of Your Target Audience

You can use items you have right in your office to make these fun and entertaining. Write your advice on Post-Its, use a dry erase board, create slides in Canva, or have your pet sit in for you.

Totally Comfortable in the Spotlight?

Try these Reels ideas:

  • Share 3 Top Industry Mistakes to a Trending Dance

  • Outfit of the Day

  • Day in the Life

  • Answer an Industry Problem While Lip Syncing to Trending Audio

  • Inspire Your Target Audience While Lip Syncing to Trending Audio

  • Solve a Problem of Your Target Audience While Lip Syncing to Trending Audio

  • 3 Questions I'm Asked a lot as a (fill in the blank)

You can easily find trending audio by scrolling through the Reels Discovery Feed, following the @creators Instagram account, or seeing what's trending on TikTok.

P.S. - Facebook is now using Reels. Use this same strategy to kill it on Facebook, too!

For more Instagram growth advice, you can get my Ultimate Instagram Planning & Strategy Guide. It is packed with critical information from branding, to planning, to content creation, and Reels! Click here to get yours!

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